Frequently Asked Questions

(1) How to contact for any queries or questions?

Use contact us page. You can also contact us via Telegram

(2) I have a trading plan or an idea. Can you please code it for me?

We do not offer freelancing services and hence we cannot help others with custom indicator or strategy. Please contact tradingview approved programmers for hire.

(3) Can we get free trial before we purchase subscription?

We can offer up-to 7 days of free trial. You can avail them using Trial Products Listing

(4) How long does it take to provide access after purchasing the subscription?

All subscriptions and trial access are managed through automated process and done without manual intervention. You will receive email within 20-30 mins with details about the access. Automated process may fail sometimes for reasons such as technical issues or user information error. If that happens, we will try to provide the access manually and resolve the underlying issue as early as possible. If the failure is due to user information error such as wrong Tradingview Username provided during the order, please contact us as early as possible either via email ( or or through Telegram

(5) Can we return our subscription and get refund?

All the products sold here comes with free trial access. Please make sure that product suits your requirements and trading plan. We do not offer refunds on purchased items.

(6) I have requested for access but indicator is still showing study not authorised. What does it mean?

This can happen for two reasons.

  • Caching issues: This is very normal. Just restart your browser or app and try adding script again.

  • Access is not given yet: Automated access process can take up-to 30 mins. Please check for emails regarding Order fulfilment success or failure.

(7) Indicator is not working. Can you please help?

It is possible that we have different definition of working/not working. If you think there is any issue, please provide as much information as possible including but not limited to - ticker information, timeframe, chart snapshots, brief description on the problem and how to reproduce it.

Please note below are not the valid reasons to say scripts are not working

  • No patterns on the chart: This is perfectly normal. Patterns need not be there on the chart all the time. Indicator only shows the patterns whenever the price makes them.

  • Patterns are suggesting signals on both sides: Again, this is normal. Indicator scans for patterns and presents them on chart. If there are patterns on opposing directions, it will show both of them. It is on individuals discretion to decide how to handle them.

  • Trades are failing: Failed trades are not defect. They are expected. Trade ideas presented on chart for guidance only and does not constitute trading strategy. It is on users to build strategy based on these tools.

(8) I am new to trading. Can you help me learn trading?

As much as we want to help, we are not trading coach. We develop indicators which are complex to build and useful for people who understand them and have trading plan around them. Our liability ends with providing access to our products. We neither have bandwidth nor expertise in training others on how to trade. We are also not legally qualified to advise anyone financially. Any attempt to do so will put us legal jeopardy. Hence we prefer to stay away from providing any trading advise.

(9) Can you suggest which among your indicators are best for specific trading style (example. Scalping)?

Suggesting an indicator or algorithm for specific trading style constitutes financial advise. Hence, we will not be able to do that. If you technically understand the algorithms and usage or curious to explore them, you are free to subscribe them. But, onus is on you to use them in the way it fits better to your trading preferences. We also provide 7 day free trial to explore the algorithms and understand suitability. We highly recommend everyone to make use of this before subscribing to any algorithms.

(10) What is the best instrument/timeframe to be used for the indicators?

Algorithms we design are generic and based on the concepts which are freely available to public. Hence, they are not dependent on any timeframe or instruments, unless we specifically mention any particular applicability. Algorithm we design are majorly meant for market study. We provide plenty of statistics along with them to help users understand the mechanism. It is on individual users to explore further and find their sweet spot.

(11) What is the best setting for given algorithm and specific instrument?

We try to explore the generic settings by exploring against multiple instruments and timeframes. Default settings we have are the outcome of these experiments. But, there is no one size which fits all. Algorithms provide various stats in tabular format. Users are encouraged to explore the settings as much as possible along with the available stats to understand the market behaviour for different instruments and timeframes.

(12) I bought the subscription. But, I need something more. Can you please update indicator to add a new feature?

You are welcome to share your ideas on updates. But, possibility of implementation depends on various factors such as development feasibility, nature of the request, impact to existing functionality etc. Remember that what we have in offer are products. Hence, unless the suggestions are useful for wider audience, we may not go ahead with implementation of those. However, we take bug reports very seriously and try to fix them as early as possible.

(13) I cannot see options to set alerts. What can I do?

Alerts are coded via alert method instead of alertcondition. Hence, we don't need to set separate alerts for each conditions. Watch this video for more explanation.

(14) Can I get the source code if I purchase subscription or for additional cost?

We do not sell source code. Any code which can be made free are already made free and open source.