Harmonic Pattern and Elliot Waves

Wedge and Flag FinderWedge and Flag Finder
Harmonic Patterns - Custom CandlesHarmonic Patterns - Custom Candles
Auto Harmonic Patterns V2Auto Harmonic Patterns V2
Multi Level Zigzag Harmonic PatternsMulti Level Zigzag Harmonic Patterns
Multi Zigzag Harmonic PatternsMulti Zigzag Harmonic Patterns
Auto Harmonic Patterns - Open SourceAuto Harmonic Patterns - Open Source
Multi Zigzag - Elliot Wave ImpulseMulti Zigzag - Elliot Wave Impulse
Auto Harmonic StatsAuto Harmonic Stats
Double Top/Bottom - Open SourceDouble Top/Bottom - Open Source
Manual Harmonic PatternsManual Harmonic Patterns
Trendline Pairs (Deep Search)Trendline Pairs (Deep Search)
Manual Harmonic ProjectionManual Harmonic Projection
Next Pivot ProjectionNext Pivot Projection
Auto Harmonic Pattern ExtremeAuto Harmonic Pattern Extreme
Wolfe Projection IndicatorWolfe Projection Indicator
Wolfe StrategyWolfe Strategy

Zigzag Applications

Zigzag MatrixZigzag Matrix
Zigzag Volume BarsZigzag Volume Bars
Auto TrendlinesAuto Trendlines
Multi ZZ/Oscillator Divergence MatrixMulti ZZ/Oscillator Divergence Matrix
Divergence Based S/RDivergence Based S/R
Zigzag Based Divergence DetectorZigzag Based Divergence Detector
Inverse DivergenceInverse Divergence
Divergence S/R WidgetDivergence S/R Widget
Zigzag CloudZigzag Cloud
Multi Zigzag S/RMulti Zigzag S/R
Zigzag SupertrendZigzag Supertrend
Zigzag CandlesZigzag Candles

Classic TA

Supertrend Ladder ATRSupertrend Ladder ATR
RSI - Dynamic RangeRSI - Dynamic Range
Volatility PercentileVolatility Percentile
WVF OscillatorWVF Oscillator
Just Another RSIJust Another RSI
Volatility Volume ImpactVolatility Volume Impact
Currency Strength MeterCurrency Strength Meter
Crypto Strength MeterCrypto Strength Meter
Extreme Trend Reversal PointExtreme Trend Reversal Point
ECG ChartECG Chart

Fundamentals and Stats

Discounted Price ProbabilityDiscounted Price Probability
Relative Growth ScreenRelative Growth Screen
Percentile - Price vs FundamentalsPercentile - Price vs Fundamentals
Drawdown RangeDrawdown Range
Drawdown and Recovery RangeDrawdown and Recovery Range
Quality ScreenQuality Screen


Matrix ZigzagMatrix Zigzag
Enhanced TAEnhanced TA