Paid Algorithms

Details about paid indicators

List of paid algorithms

At present, we have following paid algorithms (Click them to see the published version of the algorithms on

  1. Auto Harmonic Patterns

  2. Auto Chart Patterns

  3. Auto Harmonic Projection

  4. Auto Trendlines and Support/Resistance

Subscription Combinations

Algorithms are grouped into following combination of subscriptions (Click on the links below, it will take you to subscription page):

Trial Combinations

Before buying the subscription, users can avail free 7 days trial. You can order them on the Trial Access page. Below are the trial offers we have

Please note that trial can only be availed once. If you place multiple requests, they will be rejected.

Automated Order Processing

Both trial and subscription purchases are automatically processed and users will receive email update within next few minutes of the order. Providing right information during the order is very critical for automated order processing. Wrong details may lead to fulfilment failure and delay the access. Please make sure that you provide valid Tradingview Username and valid email address in the order.

Accessing algorithms

You will receive notifications on both tradingview and an automated email once the access is given to your mentioned tradingview account. Once you receive them, please follow below steps in order to use them on the chart.

  1. Load chart from tradingview home page by clicking Products -> Chart menu.

  2. On the chart screen, click on indicators - which will open indicators popup

  3. Goto invite only indicators section where you can find the list of invite only scripts you have access to.