Brief introduction on tradingview platform

What is Tradingview

Tradingview is charting social platform which enables users to publish their ideas, build algorithms based on technicals, provide many other information about different instruments which can be traded. All our work is only available on Tradingview platform. Hence, in order to use our algorithms, users need to have an account in tradingview.

Please note that tradingview subscriptions are not the same as that of Trendoscope subscriptions and both are not related. Users can use either paid or free tradingview plans in order to use Trendoscope built tools. But, Trendoscope itself has both paid and free algorithms. You can find shortlist of our free algorithms under the page "Free And Popular". Paid algorithms are available under : "Algorithms" page. You can check the complete list under the tradingview profile HeWhoMustNotBeNamed.

Creating Tradingview Account

If you do not already have tradingview account, you can create one by using the referral link:

How to find us in tradingview

You can simply follow the profile URL - or goto and search for HeWhoMustNotBeNamed in the search bar. Profile page also displays further information about the author on the reputation, following, published work etc.

Where can I find free algorithms and how to use them on chart?

In the profile page, you can find all the published algorithms. Filter only indicators so that libraries (which are intended to be used by developers) will not show up in the filter.

You can open the script by clicking on it and read through the descriptions. If you like the script, please give a boost and add them to your favourites.

Below the description, you will find bit more information about the access type of script. There are three access types so far.

  • Open Source - These are free to use script with also source code available for other coders and users to inspect and learn.

  • Protected - These are also free to use scripts. But, the source code is protected and not available for inspection.

  • Invite Only - These are part of the paid scripts and source code is protected as well.

For Invite Only scripts, there will be additional note from "Author" to define how to get access to the paid scripts.

If you add the script to your favourite list, it will help in using them on chart as favourite scripts appear before others.

Once you add the indicator to favourites, you can find them in the indicator list easily. To do that,

goto products -> charts in the tradingview home screen. If you have tradingview free account, you can have only one chart and there is also restrictions on number of indicators you can have on the chart. Paid plans have higher threshold for number of charts and indicators you can have at a time.

Once in the chart application, you can click on indicators menu where you can search and load any free indicators available. The ones you added as favourites will be shown under favourites menu,